I am organizing Columbia's university-wide economics and education seminar for spring 2018. The seminar takes place at Teachers College from 12-1:30pm on Thursdays. Unless otherwise noted, we hold the seminar in the Zankel Building, room 212c (go in the main doors on 120th, go up the stairs directly in front of the security guards one flight, then cross the hall and enter the EPSA department; the seminar is held in the conference room therein). The seminar is open to the public, lunch is provided (!), and the spring schedule is here:

Date - Presenter - Affiliation - Topic

2/1/18 - Justin Sandefur - Center for Global Development - Outsourcing Service Delivery in a Fragile State: Experimental Evidence from Liberia

2/8/18 - Moussa Blimpo - World Bank - Scaling up Children’ School Readiness in The Gambia: Lessons from an Experimental Study


2/22/18 - Lindsay Page - University of Pittsburgh - More than Dollars for Scholars: The Impact of the Dell Scholars Program on College Access, Persistence and Degree Attainment

3/1/18 - NO SEMINAR

3/8/18 - Mike Lovenheim - Cornell - The Effect of State Funding for Postsecondary Education on Long-Run Student Outcomes


3/22/18 - Maria Fitzpatrick - Cornell - TBD

3/29/18 - Imran Rasul - University College London - Responses of Families and Schools to Information on School Quality: Evidence from Linked Survey and Administrative Data

4/5/18 - NO SEMINAR

4/12/18 - Gillian Wyness - UCL - Understanding university undermatch

4/19/18 - Prashant Loyalka - Stanford - Assessing and Improving the Quality of Higher Education: An International Study

4/26/18 - Damon Clark - UC Irvine - Public School Choice: An Economic Analysis

5/3/18 - Ale Ganimian - NYU - Street Smart or School Smart? The Arithmetic Skills of Working Children in Two Indian Cities



 Below is the Spring 2017 schedule:

1/19/17 - David Evans - World Bank - The Economic Returns to Interventions that Increase Learning

1/26/17 - Basit Zafar - NY Fed - Human Capital Investments and Expectations about Career and Family

2/2/17 -  No seminar

2/9/17 - Lesley Turner - University of Maryland - Student Loan Nudges: Experimental Evidence on Borrowing and Educational Attainment

2/16/17 - Jacob Vigdor - University of Washington - The Civil Rights Movement and Educational Inequality

2/23/17 - Paul Glewwe - University of Minnesota - What Explains Vietnam’s Exceptional Performance in Education Relative to Other Countries? Analysis of the 2012 PISA Data

3/2/17 - Tomasso Agasisti - Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business - ICT use at home for school-related tasks: what is the effect on students' achievement? Empirical evidence from OECD PISA data

3/9/17 - Norbert Schady - Inter-American Development Bank - Teachers, peers, and student achievement in early elementary school: Evidence from multiple rounds of random assignment in a middle-income country

3/16/17 - No seminar (Spring Break) 

3/23/17 - Pascaline Dupas - Stanford - The Impact of Free Secondary Education: Experimental Evidence from Ghana

3/30/17 - Anjali Adukia - Chicago Harris - Educational Investment Responses to Economic Opportunity:  Evidence from Indian Road Construction

4/6/17 - CAPSEE Conference in DC - no seminar 

4/13/17 - TC Students (45 minutes each) - Takeshi Yanagiura, TBD; Josefa Aguirre, TBD

4/20/17 - TC Students (45 minutes each) - TBD, TBD

4/27/17 - Rebecca Dizon-Ross - Chicago Booth - Improving Job Matching Among Youth

5/4/17 - Alex Eble - TC Faculty - Role Models, Girls' Math Ability, and the Formation of Beliefs: Evidence from Random Assignment of Students in Chinese Middle Schools