Here is some of the advice I found useful as I made my way through the professional worlds of development, policy, and academia. If there's anything you think I should add, mail me with the links: eble - at - tc dot columbia dot edu.


This guidebook I put together with input from colleagues and students here at TC collects most of the advice below and a lot more. The last half of it is specific to the Teachers College PhD in Economics and Education, but the first 8 pages are generic to PhDs in economics, economics and education, public policy, and the other quantitative social sciences.

Once you're in the PhD:

On whether to get a PhD:

On applying to (and getting into) PhD programs:

Working in development

Advice for master's students who want to go into development

Thoughts on whether or not development is the right job for you

Advice on finding a job in development:

A big list of development job boards

Broader reading 

Wait but why used to be one of my favorite blogs. A few great posts:

Great compendia of life advice, mostly but not all research-related: